No Doggy Bag Please by Hingman Leung

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As an emerging economy, food waste has become a hot topic in China within the last two years because of increasing appetites and shrinking landfills. Although there are an increasing number of studies on food waste in China, there is a lack of research into the social and cultural drivers that motivate food-waste creating behaviours. This study is an ethnographic exploration of Chinese attitudes towards food and food waste, with the objective of uncovering some of the key values and beliefs that create food waste. The study is also a first step in addressing the literature gap on the topic. It was found that Chinese cultural values were linked to a deep culinary history, Confucian teachings, and social and economic reform. In order to guarantee the success of pilot food waste programs, education and public outreach are key to changing behaviour. Lueng received a 2015 Royal Roads University Award for Public Ethnography for this project.