Edmonton Food From Home

RRU MA student Nastassja Brinker has created the website "Edmonton Food from Home," seeking to explore the relationship between culture, food and identity. Home to a rich tapestry of cultural diversity, Edmonton enjoys a wide array of food markets, restaurants and food-related events. Annually the city hosts the Edmonton Heritage Festival, an event that features food, art, wares and performances from over 85 cultures.

This website is intended to provide a place for Edmontonians to explore their culture and identity through food. Through the art of storytelling, respondents are asked to pick one recipe that they feel reflects their cultural background and write a piece (as long or as short as they would like) about the recipe’s origins, and how it’s connected to their identity within the context of the Albertan landscape.

All submissions will be featured on the website. Once enough submissions are collected, the goal is to compile them into a cookbook. Please visit the “Make a Submission” page to submit a story and recipe of your own!

Submission form: http://edmontonfoodfromhome.com/submit/

CBC coverage http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/podcasts/radioactiveed_20140704_93331.mp3