More Ethnography Projects

Chaicuriri through the lens, by Greg Spira

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This photovoice project developed in the Bolivian highland community of Chaicuriri shows how previously marginalized Aymara indigenous residents worked to use photography to reclaim their political voice and become active subjects guiding their community’s development.

Out of Many One People

In Jamaica, sexual acts between men are still punishable by law. Numerous incidents of violence against gay men and lesbians have prompted human rights groups to distinguish it as a very homophobic place. Through video and audio, Warren Brown has created a compilation exploring the stories of four gay Jamaican men who sought resettlement and refuge in Canada.

Visit Out of Many One People

Protecting original languages through storytelling, by Leah Shaw

Protecting original languages through storytelling, by Leah Shaw

There is no doubt that First Nations languages are at risk, what is unknown is how to prevent their extinction and to convince communities of the compelling reasons to do so. Leah Shaw’s public ethnographic research, told through audio documentary, shows how digital storytelling can be used in language preservation. Listen to Leah’s audio documentary thesis by clicking the play button on the audio player below, and also visit her CBC Radio 1 Legends project.

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Means & Ends: Online Activism, by Erika Drushka

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Means and Ends examines the growth of online activism, examining the ups and downs of political commitment in the context of a world deeply tuned into the power of social media.

Koreans in Saskatchewan: A Narrative Project

Koreans in Saskatchewan: A Narrative Project is a collection of five immigration stories from members of Saskatchewan’s Korean community. This project by Andrew Osborne represents a space in which newcomers to the province can relay their experiences transitioning from one culture to another in the hopes of building an ever more interculturally cohesive community through the power of storytelling.

Read the storybook on the Koreans in Saskatchewan website.

Tat ul utul' - Getting to Know Each Other

Understanding Hul'qumi'num' culture, territory and history is critically important for health care professionals working within the Hul'qumi'num' territory if they are to provide effective health care. Community Elders explain why, and local health professionals discuss their approach to culturally-safe health care at the Cowichan District Hospital and within the Hul'qumi'num' territory in this video produced by Master of Arts in Professional Communication student Brennan MacDonald.

Video production by Manly Media Ltd, Produced by Brennan MacDonald and Paul Manly, Directed by Paul Manly

Baby Boomers, “not senior citizens,” excited for retirement

baby boomer retirement

To help build greater understanding of retirement for baby boomers, Emily Cass investigated the impact of retirement on people’s sense of identity. She found the opportunity that retirement allows for people to focus their energy and efforts on self, health, friends, and family is of prime importance, and that retiring baby boomers generally do not consider themselves to be senior citizens. Cass’s research was published in BoomerCafé digital magazine.

Dancing with India, by Darcy Turenne

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This short high-definition film tells the story of Darcy Turenne’s reflexive fieldwork conducted in India in 2010 as part of the MA-IIC field school in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and the state of Goa. View Darcy’s site.

Bollywood Film Inspires Fitness and Performance


Donna McGrath’s article in the Vernon Morning Star (p. A26) traces the emergence of a performance group from a fitness class based in Bollywood films.  Inspired by recent immigration to Vernon, British Columbia of people from India, the dancers’ embrace of Bollywood dance and music reflects their appreciation of Indian culture and cultural diversity.

Into the Wild: Video reflections on the Belize Barrier Reef System

Belize - Nature of Wild

Through a collage of video and photography, Amber-Leigh Polowich and Ian Cooper reflect on their ocean and land-based experiences of nature and culture within the Belize Barrier Reef System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Their project on tourist perspectives of wildness in Central and South American World Heritage sites was one of three projects selected for funding in associatio