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Ethnopoetry: Reflecting on India


Ethnopoetics contains an aesthetic power that Lindz Marsh sought to harness to discover both the sensuality and spirituality of India; these haiku were created to allow her to absorb and express her experiences during a field study with the Centre for Environment Education, a NGO in Gujarat, India. For her, poetry is, at once, reflexive and creative, and provided a window to interrogate India’s cultural, social, political and economic contexts and their shifting relations.

Green in the Sea of Red

In the midst of the Canadian Football League’s off-season, three Calgary graduate students, Andrea Morrow, Jamie Ekelund and Jillian Hanson, set out to explore how the Saskatchewan Roughriders (Riders) fan base creates a sense of community, identity and culture within the city of Calgary. With one Albertan and two former Saskatchewanians on the team, this ethnographic research employed an insider and outsider approach.

Medicine Hat Community Inclusiveness Initiative, by Shalla Shaharayar

Royal Roads Intercultural & International Communications MA student Shalla Shaharayar is trying to connect newcomer professionals to the Medicine Hat community. 

Shalla's project assists in bridging the gap between the mainstream population and new Canadians by creating an awareness of issues or barriers, focusing mainly on the absense of a sense of belonging experienced by newcomers, and thus shedding light on the broader political and cultural context existing in Medicine Hat.

Look at My Canada by Brenda Mein and Kim Trynacity

Royal Roads University student's Brenda Mein and CBC’s Kim Trynacity spoke with six people who have chosen to make Canada their home, and discovered that a photograph can their expose deep and unique attachment to their new country, and reveal personal tales of hardship and hope.

The result of these conversation is “Look at My Canada,” and the photos taken are as unique as each participant’s story of arriving and living in Canada.

​'Pumping Iron' in Dharavi

Sean Roberts delves into the subculture of bodybuilding in Dharavi, India through a multimedia exploration of how and why such an elite sport thrives in Mumbai's Slum-City: 'Pumping Iron' in Dharavi:

Authenticity in Contemporary Swing Dance

Swing Dance

Dave Henderson explores the history and authenticity of contemporary swing dance in his audio documentary, Authenticity in Swing Dance.  He asks if anything new can be created and still be authentic in the recent revival of swing dance and its eighty-year history, and speaks to practitioners about the spirit and feel of swing music and dancing. 

No Doggy Bag Please by Hingman Leung

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As an emerging economy, food waste has become a hot topic in China within the last two years because of increasing appetites and shrinking landfills. Although there are an increasing number of studies on food waste in China, there is a lack of research into the social and cultural drivers that motivate food-waste creating behaviours. This study is an ethnographic exploration of Chinese attitudes towards food and food waste, with the objective of uncovering some of the key values and beliefs that create food waste.

Postcards from Gabriola Island

Postcards from Gabriola Island

As seen on the Gabriola Sounder, November 21, 2011.

Sixteen students enrolled in the Royal Roads University’s MA in Intercultural and International Communication program visited Gabriola Island from November 13th to the 16th. Accompanied by Professors Zanne Cameron and Gabriola resident Phillip Vannini the students spent their time learning about the culture of our island and how the community deals with development and social change.

Anatomy of a Thrill Seeker - research inspires experiential wisdom

thill seeker

Tara Hansen’s autoethnographic research “Anatomy of a Thrill Seeker” reflexively employs her personal narrative accounts (autobiography) as a researcher situated within a specific culture (ethnography), while also possessing the identity of that culture (thrill seeker). Through blog posts, Hansen hopes her stories inspire insight and application of the experiential wisdom attained via thrill seeking, and resonate with people embarking on challenging quests or venturing a little out of their comfort zone.