More Ethnography Projects

Children of Who? the future of Cambodia's orphans

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Shot guerrilla style throughout a country that is haunted by its past and faced with a present where reality consists of stunted economic growth and social development, this documentary by Andrea Gilbert and her co-producer/director, Mariam Demian, examines the plight of those who hold the key to Cambodia's future: the children.

Story of a Girl Project

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The Story of a Girl Project is an innovative HIV advocacy campaign from Visual Epidemiology, an independent non-profit media and research company comprised of volunteers in both filmmaking and academic research.

Podas podas: Vehicles of cultural meaning by Marisa Zawacki

Royal Roads MA student Marisa Zawacki researches the symbols of popular culture represented in mini buses are strewn across the sub Saharan Africa from East to West.

The mini buses have special names - in Kenya it is Matatu, in Nigeria – Danfor, Ghana – Tro-tro, Guinea – Magbana and in Sierra Leone – Poda poda.

Anatomy of Words

Author: Deborah Davis

Despite the benefits of clearly communicating with their patients, many healthcare providers choose not to write or speak in plain English. The result is many patients are unable to fully understand their personal health situation and make informed decisions about their care. Using sculpture, textiles, photographs, and drawings, Deborah Davis explores why this communication barrier exists and the implications.

Recreating the Universe by RRU student Andy Bryce

Every time a blacksmith fires up a forge, and works on hot metal, he is engaging in an elemental process that brings together fire and iron. "Blacksmithing is a part of me" says blacksmith artist Jake James of Metchosin, British Columbia.

"The first time I hit hot metal with a hammer, I had a sense of coming home."   

Life Near The Blos by Kathryn Thompson

This book by Kathryn Thompson is a representation of shared stories, formed relationships, and embodied experiences from the six weeks she spent dwelling with inhabitants near the Blos River in Northern Luzon, Philippines. 
Through the textual and visual depictions presented, she hopes to portray signs of hope, a strong sense of community and friendship, and an essence of simple living. However, Kathryn also aims to show the struggles and challenges

Close Up

"Where would you like to see change in your community?"

Colleen Hildebrandt asked individuals in the post-conflict region of northern Uganda this deceptively simple question. She also gave them digital cameras to enable them to answer the question in photos, and Close Up is the story of their answer. The knowledge they shared was then shared with Caritas Gulu Archdiocese, the NGO she was working under, to enable it to adapt and enhance the effectiveness of potential projects and internships in the future.

West Coast Waters, a film by RRU student Jen Ricketts-Glassel

West Coast Waters.

A film by Royal Roads University student Jen Ricketts-Glassel in the Professional Communication Bachelor degree, 2014. 

Her family, her land, her home. A new take on fishing the west coast waters of Canada.

I Bike Therefore I Am, by Celina O'Connor

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A film sharing stories of transportation by bicycles - the risks, the labours of love, and passing knowledge down through generations. The story of how they got there is a mix of transportation policy, location and community.

By RRU student Celina O'Connor, a Pedal Powered Production.

On becoming a SaltSpring Islander, by Jenifer Christenson

As published in the Driftwood

I arrived on Salt Spring Island to understand what it is to be an outsider. My intention was to examine the in-migration of Albertans and explore how the residents of this community have responded.