More Ethnography Projects

Medicine Hat Community Inclusiveness Initiative, by Shalla Shaharayar

Royal Roads Intercultural & International Communications MA student Shalla Shaharayar is trying to connect newcomer professionals to the Medicine Hat community. 

Shalla's project assists in bridging the gap between the mainstream population and new Canadians by creating an awareness of issues or barriers, focusing mainly on the absense of a sense of belonging experienced by newcomers, and thus shedding light on the broader political and cultural context existing in Medicine Hat.

Look at My Canada by Brenda Mein and Kim Trynacity

Royal Roads University student's Brenda Mein and CBC’s Kim Trynacity spoke with six people who have chosen to make Canada their home, and discovered that a photograph can their expose deep and unique attachment to their new country, and reveal personal tales of hardship and hope.

The result of these conversation is “Look at My Canada,” and the photos taken are as unique as each participant’s story of arriving and living in Canada.

A place at the end of the road

Christie Brugger explores her home, Tofino, through the eyes of an outsider in this ethnographic journey.

From homeless to having a life

During the summer months, homeless people in the Kelowna area often look for shacks like these to shelter in. Royal Roads student Lori Turner profiles the work that Inn From The Cold is doing to reach out to people who experience homelessness.

Drum circles make music & community in Vancouver by Maral Lotfian

Maral Lotfian is a master’s student in intercultural and international communication at Royal Roads University. Lotfian shares her insight into drum circles making music & community in Vancouver, as they celebrate their 80th birthday. The drum circles have played an important role in influencing Vancouverite culture to the extent that arguably they can be viewed as a small-scale cultural group, one that is formed to bring communities together and to promote the active production of music as opposed to the continuous passive consumption of it.

The Eighth Parallel, by Darcy Turenne

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Shot on the islands of Bali and Java, Indonesia, this documentary tells the stories of four Indonesian female athletes who battle fear and sexism by engaging in adventure sports.

Que(e)rying India

As with many developing countries, homosexuality tends to be a controversial (if not taboo) topic in Indian society. Warren Brown explores India's dynamic queer culture in this multimedia public ethnography website, documenting observations and encounters with queer culture to better understand what and how representation takes place.

Visit the Que(e)rying India website.

Created Heritage: Dutch-Canadian culture explored through food

Annette Wierstra's Created Heritage website started with a question: "What makes me a Dutch-Canadian when I have never lived in Holland?"

Like many people, she grew up with stories from two cultures: the culture of her birth and the culture of her parents. Through her research project, she explored how first-generation Canadians with parents born in the Netherlands, find a connection to their heritage.

Were there foods and cultural items that they use to understand and experience a connection to Holland? How do they create their heritage?

House Concert Culture in Victoria, BC by Alison Brown

House concerts have been garnering more attention in recent years, and one venue in particular, Victoria House Concert B (VHCB), run by Andrew Briggs, has become a destination for many musicians to share more than just music. It’s also a chance for musicians to connect with music fans. Check out MA student Alison Brown on the house culture concert here: