More Ethnography Projects

Life's A Dance by Fiona Cheong, aired on GO! Island ShawTV

We have the salsa . . . the tango, the meringue, all very passionate dances. Rajie was at Raino Dance studio learning all about another latin dance, Flamenco. But she also learned of one woman's personal dance with life and herself.
This story by Royal Roads MA student Fiona Cheong aired on GO! Island daily on ShawTV Channel 4 and can be watched here:

Bombay by Sean Roberts


Poetry and video come together in this impressionistic ode that tries to capture the spirit of Bombay and the sensibilities of its people through the lens of Sean Roberts' experience.

Uncertainties & Epiphanies: Making Multiculturalism

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Uncertainties & Epiphanies: Making Multiculturalism is a film about the "uhms?" and "ahas!" of people's everyday intercultural encounters in Canada.  Inspired by Action Research, Rae Hull, the filmmaker/researcher, invited people across the country to share their experiences via a website built specifically for the project.

Mobile apps are taking control of our lives by Tatenda Mhaka and Tessah Clark

Are you having difficulty sleeping? Maybe exercising? Or managing your agenda? Well, “there’s an app for that.” If you have not heard that statement before, chances are you will soon.

An estimated 1.2 billion people were using mobile apps in 2012. Total downloads number between 56 billion and 82 billion worldwide. By 2017, about 4.4 billion people will be using apps.

Split Like a Crutch, by Jonathan Taggart

The Friction of Distance

The reserves of the In-SHUCK-ch Nation are scattered along both sides of British Columbia’s Lillooet River in an expanse of traditional territory stretching 100km north and south between the towns of Pemberton and Harrison Lake. Like many of Canada’s indigenous communities, the settlements of the In-SHUCK-ch exist in isolation; poverty is rampant and infrastructure dearly lacking, and with limited access to health and education resources, the communities of the Lillooet River Valley can be seen to represent a continuation of what has too often been referred to as the “Indian Problem”.

The Art of Life in China

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The Art of Life in China is a video produced for the Royal Roads University 2013 Intercultural Communication Exhibit at Shandong Normal University in Jinan, China. The videos featured all represent the artistic nature of everyday life in China.

Edmonton Food From Home

RRU MA student Nastassja Brinker has created the website "Edmonton Food from Home," seeking to explore the relationship between culture, food and identity. Home to a rich tapestry of cultural diversity, Edmonton enjoys a wide array of food markets, restaurants and food-related events. Annually the city hosts the Edmonton Heritage Festival, an event that features food, art, wares and performances from over 85 cultures.

Children of Who? the future of Cambodia's orphans

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Shot guerrilla style throughout a country that is haunted by its past and faced with a present where reality consists of stunted economic growth and social development, this documentary by Andrea Gilbert and her co-producer/director, Mariam Demian, examines the plight of those who hold the key to Cambodia's future: the children.

Story of a Girl Project

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The Story of a Girl Project is an innovative HIV advocacy campaign from Visual Epidemiology, an independent non-profit media and research company comprised of volunteers in both filmmaking and academic research.

Podas podas: Vehicles of cultural meaning by Marisa Zawacki

Royal Roads MA student Marisa Zawacki researches the symbols of popular culture represented in mini buses are strewn across the sub Saharan Africa from East to West.

The mini buses have special names - in Kenya it is Matatu, in Nigeria – Danfor, Ghana – Tro-tro, Guinea – Magbana and in Sierra Leone – Poda poda.