More Ethnography Projects

The Eighth Parallel, by Darcy Turenne

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Shot on the islands of Bali and Java, Indonesia, this documentary tells the stories of four Indonesian female athletes who battle fear and sexism by engaging in adventure sports.

Que(e)rying India

As with many developing countries, homosexuality tends to be a controversial (if not taboo) topic in Indian society. Warren Brown explores India's dynamic queer culture in this multimedia public ethnography website, documenting observations and encounters with queer culture to better understand what and how representation takes place.

Visit the Que(e)rying India website.

Created Heritage: Dutch-Canadian culture explored through food

Annette Wierstra's Created Heritage website started with a question: "What makes me a Dutch-Canadian when I have never lived in Holland?"

Like many people, she grew up with stories from two cultures: the culture of her birth and the culture of her parents. Through her research project, she explored how first-generation Canadians with parents born in the Netherlands, find a connection to their heritage.

Were there foods and cultural items that they use to understand and experience a connection to Holland? How do they create their heritage?

House Concert Culture in Victoria, BC by Alison Brown

House concerts have been garnering more attention in recent years, and one venue in particular, Victoria House Concert B (VHCB), run by Andrew Briggs, has become a destination for many musicians to share more than just music. It’s also a chance for musicians to connect with music fans. Check out MA student Alison Brown on the house culture concert here:

Gna Giidadowin: Exploring Our Way of Life Through Anashinabe Song and Drum, by Celeste Pedri

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Drawing upon indigenous ways of knowing and the revitalization of traditional indigenous education, the author, as Anishinabe, “storysharer,” drummer, and community member, explores the relationship between song and story in Anishinabek hand drumming and how it reveals and communicates their life story experiences and knowledge.

Indian Cricket by Jonathan Taggart

On a Saturday afternoon in Dharavi, one of Mumbai’s largest slums, my guide Shekar leads me through narrow corridors, his feet bare in religious observation, past colourful, crowded homes and over open drains whose concrete covers have been mostly dismantled for their valuable rebar cores. We are looking for cricket in non-standard places, and we find it, tucked between shrines and mopeds, pressed up against walls, and tip-toed atop various scatterings of urban detritus.

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Harvesting Community

Harvesting Community

Craig Sorochan, a producer and documentary filmmaker, explores the thriving organic farming culture and food culture of British Columbia’s southwest coast in “Harvesting Community.”

While organic food production and consumption are increasingly mainstream, communication of the value of organic farming has been identified as a key challenge by many organic farmers, and this film bridges the communications gap between organic farmers and consumers.  

Life's A Dance by Fiona Cheong, aired on GO! Island ShawTV

We have the salsa . . . the tango, the meringue, all very passionate dances. Rajie was at Raino Dance studio learning all about another latin dance, Flamenco. But she also learned of one woman's personal dance with life and herself.
This story by Royal Roads MA student Fiona Cheong aired on GO! Island daily on ShawTV Channel 4 and can be watched here:

Bombay by Sean Roberts


Poetry and video come together in this impressionistic ode that tries to capture the spirit of Bombay and the sensibilities of its people through the lens of Sean Roberts' experience.

Uncertainties & Epiphanies: Making Multiculturalism

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Uncertainties & Epiphanies: Making Multiculturalism is a film about the "uhms?" and "ahas!" of people's everyday intercultural encounters in Canada.  Inspired by Action Research, Rae Hull, the filmmaker/researcher, invited people across the country to share their experiences via a website built specifically for the project.