Paradise Found? Documentary on lifestyles in the Gulf Islands

Ten Master of Arts students in the Professional Communication program at Royal Roads University worked together in various crew positions under the direction of their professor, Dr. Phillip Vannini, to create a 27-minute documentary about life in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.

Transgendered, Two Spirit, First Nations: Article lights up history, language and diversity


The naming and discussion of gay, lesbian, transgender and other members of Canada’s Indigenous community is a process of constant, contemporary rediscovery, Carey Rutherford writes in Gay Calgary.  In his article, “Transgendered, Two Spirit, First Nations: Who are they?”, Rutherford speaks with Métis Elder Sandra Leo Laframboise about the history, changes, and challenges for First Nations gender diversity in Canada and the United States: "the intricacies,” Laframboi

Keep Moving Forward – Documentary resists Islamophobia


“It is rarely reported that Islam is seen by many as a philosophy and religion of love and peaceful cooperation,” Meghan Miller Cronkrite says in the voice-over for her film, Keep Moving Forward – Resisting Islamophobia and Building Solidarity Through Cyberactivism.

Article on culture and benefits of volunteerism for people over 65

volunteer Pixabay

Tanya Anderson looked into the culture of volunteering in and around the community of James Bay in Victoria, British Columbia to ask how volunteerism for people over 65 informs their sense of self-identity and social identity. Anderson published some of her research findings in the James Bay Beacon.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Baby Boomers, “not senior citizens,” excited for retirement

baby boomer retirement

To help build greater understanding of retirement for baby boomers, Emily Cass investigated the impact of retirement on people’s sense of identity. She found the opportunity that retirement allows for people to focus their energy and efforts on self, health, friends, and family is of prime importance, and that retiring baby boomers generally do not consider themselves to be senior citizens. Cass’s research was published in BoomerCafé digital magazine.

The Art of Wild – Documentary on artist athletes’ humility in nature

art of wild

Lindsay Marie Stewart’s short film The Art of Wild looks through the life views and lenses of five experiential artist athletes in British Columbia, Canada to reflect on our sense of smallness on vast Earth.

Resistance: An Insider's Look at Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

The research of Tanya Shewfelt provides an insider's look at being a victim of domestic violence, social issues such as victim blaming, and the theory of resistance: that victims employ strategies of resistance rather than passively responding to violence.  The video she created is called Domestic Violence: The Untold Story of Resistance.

Into the Wild: Video reflections on the Belize Barrier Reef System

Belize - Nature of Wild

Through a collage of video and photography, Amber-Leigh Polowich and Ian Cooper reflect on their ocean and land-based experiences of nature and culture within the Belize Barrier Reef System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Their project on tourist perspectives of wildness in Central and South American World Heritage sites was one of three projects selected for funding in associatio

Dumpster diving in Victoria tells a story of food waste

dumpster diving bounty

The phenomena of dumpster diving and food waste are being examined by Katie Patel, whose research has drawn the attention of Vancouver Island's CTV News (5:54 in the timeline) and CBC radio's On The Island. Many people who can well afford to buy their own food choose to dumpster dive as a lifestyle; the photo here depicts half the bounty collected one evening on a "trap line."