Anatomy of a Thrill Seeker - research inspires experiential wisdom

thill seeker

Tara Hansen’s autoethnographic research “Anatomy of a Thrill Seeker” reflexively employs her personal narrative accounts (autobiography) as a researcher situated within a specific culture (ethnography), while also possessing the identity of that culture (thrill seeker). Through blog posts, Hansen hopes her stories inspire insight and application of the experiential wisdom attained via thrill seeking, and resonate with people embarking on challenging quests or venturing a little out of their comfort zone.

Resistance: An Insider's Look at Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

The research of Tanya Shewfelt provides an insider's look at being a victim of domestic violence, social issues such as victim blaming, and the theory of resistance: that victims employ strategies of resistance rather than passively responding to violence.  The video she created is called Domestic Violence: The Untold Story of Resistance.

Cell phone use apps: study participants encouraged to use phones less

Cell phone apps

Sara Korajian’s research into apps that monitor cell phone use was featured on CTV Morning Live Ottawa and The apps' unique functions range from measuring the number of times a cell phone is unlocked to amount of app use and where, to deterrence of overuse. Korajian’s study participants concluded that beating their previous day’s scores became a personal goal.

Bollywood Film Inspires Fitness and Performance


Donna McGrath’s article in the Vernon Morning Star (p. A26) traces the emergence of a performance group from a fitness class based in Bollywood films.  Inspired by recent immigration to Vernon, British Columbia of people from India, the dancers’ embrace of Bollywood dance and music reflects their appreciation of Indian culture and cultural diversity.

Craft Beer Informs Identity and Community

Craft Beer

From her research on the resurgence of consumer interest in handcrafted goods, Angela Anderson-Blunt produced the audio documentary Craft Beer and Community.  She looks at how the rise in local craft beer informs social identities and community among those who make and consume it.

Food Trucks: A New Social Movement in the Culinary World

Food Truck

Food trucks are not just a phenomenon or fad, but a new social movement in the culinary world and a vibrant foodscape community.  Tara Hall’s article in the Burlington Gazette, an online newspaper, presents the history and contemporary culture of the gourmet food truck movement.

Dumpster diving in Victoria tells a story of food waste

dumpster diving bounty

The phenomena of dumpster diving and food waste are being examined by Katie Patel, whose research has drawn the attention of Vancouver Island's CTV News (5:54 in the timeline) and CBC radio's On The Island. Many people who can well afford to buy their own food choose to dumpster dive as a lifestyle; the photo here depicts half the bounty collected one evening on a "trap line."